Why is it best for you to get your professional address in Eciffice as an individual entrepreneur?


An individual entrepreneur can use his home address to establish his company  if he owns the property or has the authorisation of the owner.  However, there are many advantages to get your professional address in a domiciliation center and especially at Eciffice : 

Benefit from a prestigious location

Branding is important for commercial purposes. Your professional address is an important part of it. It gives people a message about who you are.

Eciffice offers 3 prestigious addresses located in the Golden Triangle in Paris, well known for its famous avenue (Champs Elysées).

Welcome clients and prospects in a professional place

Your home is perfectly adapted to your personal life and includes decoration, memories, distractions. To focus the attention of your guests, you need to remove many items from the room and that could be difficult in your house.

Keep your work and private life separate

Home working is certainly less expensive but it can have a very bad impact on your private life. How can you make your work and private life separate in the same place? Eciffice offers you fully equipped rooms of any size to help you focusing only on your work.

Use expensive professional tools at a small cost

Professional laser printers, video projector, paperboard, coffee machines, HD screens… All  Imprimantes laser couleurs, vidéoprojecteurs à haute luminosité, télécopie, machines à café… all of this equipment is highly expensive for one-time use. With our services you will be able to use these materials for your needs, with no regard for maintenance

Make savings on rental costs

Rent an office with desks, a reception and a meeting room, equipped and decorated is very expensive especially in Paris. With Eciffice you will pay a small part of this cost and benefit from professional equipments and services.

Modularity and flexibility in your day to day work life

You might need in a few occasion a big room to welcome a group of clients and the rest of the time only a desk to work. With our pay per use model you can rent a room for an hour, half a day or an entire day.

Enjoy professional services

Be an individual entrepreneur is really time consuming because you are alone to do the sales, to answer the phone, do the accounting etc. You have to do anything and you can do everything good. With our professional services, you can really improve your productivity and make your business grow.

Grow your professional network

By subscribing to a domiciliation offer you will meet other companies. You will face many occasions to promote your business and grow your professional network.

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